Receiving and order picking: it all starts with the receipt of your goods

As a 3PL platform, Coforce works in partnership with you and becomes your true logistics extension. Our order fulfillment department is the ultimate interface between your company and your end customer. We understand the critical importance of preparing orders precisely, carefully, methodically, rigorously, effectively and fast.

At Coforce, we provide special care to goods receiving in order to treat all of your logistics operations quickly and meticulously.

Storage: Several secure warehouses located in Montreal and equipped with video surveillance cameras

We have several modern and secure warehouses in Montreal, with more than 100,000 square feet of space and equipped with video surveillance cameras.

We provide customized storage for each client. We assess your regular and seasonal needs as well as your specifications beforehand and recommend the type of storage adapted to your products.

Packaging and labeling: solidity, lower cost and customization

Coforce may use your own packaging and labels as well as suggest the best package for your needs to optimize your brand image, transportation costs and the integrity of the shipped goods. We offer all types of packaging ranging from simple generic envelope or box to custom built wood box.

Coforce uses your own labels or custom-created to the specifications you are looking for: bar codes, product composition with ingredients list, user manuals, multilingual marking …

Orders shipping: in less than 24h and cheaper

In less than 24 hours: in a world where everything moves fast, Coforce understands the importance of treating your orders as quickly as possible.

Whether it is for your B2C orders, where your online customers’ expectations are high for a faster quality of service, or for your B2B customers, Coforce is able to ship your packages within 24 hours. Send us your order before noon, and we will ship your package in the afternoon.

At lower cost: Coforce is proud to rely on its special partnership with several carriers including Canada Post, CanPar, UPS and others to offer you competitive shipping costs.

Quality control

Your logistics operations success lies mainly on the quality process established by Coforce and made possible through advanced technology tools.

Coforce implements a rigorous quality monitoring to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your operations at all stages of the supply chain, from receiving to shipping through inventory management.

Customs brokerage

We can put you in contact with our customs broker partners, who will accompany you through all customs procedures to ensure that your orders clear customs without incident.