A prime location in Montreal

With over 40 years of experience in international logistics, Coforce is a 3PL platform located in Montreal, a unique getaway to North America for the Canadian and foreign companies looking to establish or expand in the North American market.


Logistics expertise and customized solutions

Over the years, Coforce has developed an innovative 3PL business approach to better meet the sub-contracting logistic needs of its clients by offering customized solutions and a high quality service. Its team of logistics experts is always looking to find new ways to optimize the operations of its business partners and improve their performance.


Logistic Expertise


B2B, B2C and e-commerce, we work with you!

All Coforce clients benefit from a single point of contact with our company through a representative dedicated to their account. The company provides a top-notch service to its major clients as well as to its small business customers that it is proud to assist in their business development by providing a flexible and personalized service.

Coforce serves B2B and B2C clients across Canada in industries as diverse as media, marketing, selling online or by mail, retail, food, cosmetics, electronics or components for industry.